MSM Group. helps business services providers create competitive advantage in a market focused on delivering both exceptional service to end customers, and market-leading ROI to shareholders.  The business services sector is exploiting opportunities driven by globalization, consolidation and new technology. And new integrated offerings are forcing established players to develop scalable services that satisfy evolving regulatory and environmental standards.  New technology platforms are also driving lower cost models that are disruptive to incumbent businesses, but provide opportunities for new entrants and active players. Consulting, Support, and Benefit Services:

MSM Group helps providers of business services take advantage of attractive opportunities, develop innovative business models and outperform their competitors.  The sector is diverse, including professional services, education and training, and support services and outsourcing. Multinational organizations and specialist service providers need to analyze their critical performance drivers, evaluate contractual frameworks and continue to evolve service offering strategies that can provide a competitive advantage. MSM Group. combines in-depth industry understanding with deep technical expertise to enable clients to develop winning strategies for acquisition and divestment, service development, new market entry, regulation and political risk management, operational efficiency, and strategy activation.  With MSM Group’s support, these clients have been able to develop new service offerings for an increasingly energy-efficient world, maximize ROI from strategic investments, and execute detailed plans for international growth.

You’re employees are important. A bad hire can really wreak some havoc on a small team—morale, productivity, etc. Recruiting good talent is a full time job though, and you probably already have at least one of those. Getting the right HR consultant can help you develop a competitive team, and make sure you know how to stay compliant, onboard employees, and maintain a full pipeline in the future.

●      ERP Integration

●      Payroll Provider

●      Cloud Integration Services:, Square, Xero, Expensify, Google Apps, etc.

●      Risk Management Assessment

●      Bookkeeping Services

●      Strategic Planning

●      Succession Planning

●      Merchant Services

●      Public Speaker/Presenter

Financial Services Overview

Both corporate clients and investors benefit from MSM Group's in-depth understanding of the financial services market.  Our deep industry expertise combined with our highly analytical methodology allows us to uncover fresh insights and devise practical and actionable recommendations in response to their most critical commercial and strategic challenges. We advise senior management teams on how to identify new growth opportunities that account for changing customer demands, distribution and increasing globalization; increase cost efficiencies; respond to the evolving regulatory landscape; and develop innovative approaches to customer segmentation to develop lasting competitive advantages.