Improving On-Time Deliveries and Reducing Costs for Transportation Companies

Moving freight across the US is a tremendously complex business. Success depends on many factors beyond your control, from bad weather that causes you to miss delivery windows, to uctuating oil and gas prices that drive up costs, to carrier capacity shortages that leave you scrambling.

The more you can control costs and optimize processes, the better you’ll be able to mitigate these risks and improve your bottom line. However, many transportation companies nd this di cult to achieve.

They’re challenged by a lack of visibility into logistics processes and partners, the inability to easily ramp up (and down) critical back-end operations, and excessively manual processes that are prone to errors and delays. These challenges are often exacerbated by high employee attrition that makes it hard to keep operations running smoothly. 

Improve carrier availability and lower shipment costs MSM Group makes this possible by enabling you to leverage an expanded pool of proven and competitively-priced carriers.

Save money Clients signi cantly reduce costs by using OnProcess’ variable cost model to ramp down the back-o ce team when business conditions dictate, and from our Six Sigma lean approach that reengineers and takes the waste out of processes. 3PL and freight brokerage companies have decreased OpEx by 35% or more.

Boost on-time pickup and delivery, reduce cycle times MSM automates traditionally manual task, while our team of experts manage your end-to-end shipment process and provide visibility that optimizes processes. Productivity increases of 15%+ are common.

Rapidly scale and ensure ongoing reliability of back-end operations MSM’ dedicated workforce is well-versed in the major transportation management systems (TMS), continually trained on technology and process nuances, and works around the clock every day of the year to deliver reliable, high-quality back-end operations.


Accelerate revenue recognition

By reducing the cycle time for proof-of-delivery, customer billing and carrier invoicing, MSM customers can easily realize 40% reductions in ageing invoices. 

MSM Managed Services for Transportation Companies

MSM rapidly delivers measureable, long-term results at scale through these transportation order management services:

  • Shipment Management and Tracking

  • Carrier Onboarding and Management

  • Customer Billing and Carrier Invoicing

  • Customer and Carrier Help Desk