Manufacturers & Distributors

MSM Group serves a number of manufacturing and distributing businesses. Establishing new manufacturer and supplier agreements or negotiating these agreements is essential to managing your business. 

Our attorneys are experienced in intellectual property rights and dispute resolution; confidentiality agreements, and unique financing agreements as it pertains to managing complex inventories.  Our attorneys also work routinely outside of the United States and are familiar with import / export regulations.

Optimizing Processes and Reducing Costs for Manufacturers of Industrial and Durable Consumer Equipment.

Manufacturers of industrial and durable consumer goods are under tremendous pressure to innovate, accelerate production cycles and minimize costs. To better compete, they must also continuously work to improve the customer experience.

Many manufacturers nd these objectives di cult to achieve. They’re plagued by high inventory carrying costs, oor machinery that breaks down and delays production, nished products that are rejected because they aren’t built to order specs, and missed SLAs that result in expensive penalties, not to mention frustrated customers. Managing warranties and staying on top of changing compliance regulations also put a burden on manufacturers’ back-o ce personnel.

It’s hard for manufacturers to optimize these operations. Administration work isn’t a core expertise. Plus, there isn’t the deep visibility needed to track records through the manufacturing process, and the largely on manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone. All this is exacerbated when ERP, CRM, accounting and other back-o ce systems aren’t integrated, making data management extremely challenging. 

Increase uptime of manufacturing oor equipment Leverage MSM’ IoT-based analysis and remote monitoring capabilities to proactively check equipment health and perform repairs before they can cause malfunctions and breakdowns.

Understand how customers are using your equipment in the eld With these insights gained from our IoT capabilities, you can enhance product roadmaps and drive innovation, optimize inventory planning, and reduce both senior-level tech support cases and mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Save money and improve inventory planning Our Six Sigma lean approach takes waste out of your processes. In addition, comprehensive, automated parts tracking and enhanced supplier management enables you to improve inventory planning while cutting carrying costs.

Ensure products are built to order speci cations Boost SLA meet rates and customer satisfaction, and reduce costly SLA penalties through visibility into and automation of manufacturing processes.

Simplify and accelerate warranty and credit processes, and improve regulatory compliance MSM turns manual, disjointed tasks into streamlined, well-de ned claims and compliance tracking processes.

Streamline service supply chain processes MSM experts integrate disparate systems and data sources, and improve your tracking and reporting throughout the manufacturing cycle. 

MSM Managed Services for Manufacturers of Industrial and Durable Consumer Equipment Revenue Enablement: We review and realign orders with speci cations, assist with validations and use a control tower approach to streamline processes.

Triage/Customer Support: We improve the customer experience at every point of interaction and ensure the right service for the right contract. Using remote monitoring and IoT-enabled technology, we provide proactive and preventive support for manufacturing oor equipment and products in the eld.

Service Ful llment: We manage the dispatch of parts and technicians to optimize service networks and inventory, and rapidly close out service events, meet SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction ratings.

Reverse Logistics: We facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of valuable assets from the eld or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.

Transportation Order Management: We manage everything from shipment transportation to tracking.