Improving Customer Satisfaction, Reducing CapEx and Remorse Returns for Mobile Carriers and OEMs Mobile carriers and device manufacturers are struggling to di erentiate in a market that has become increasingly commoditized. With carriers forced to compete on pricing, nancing and promotions, margins are getting thinner, customer confusion and service costs are rising, and more customers are defecting. And, although there’s a lot of pressure to reduce CapEx, issues with Advanced Exchange programs and early-life, non-pay cancellations make this di cult thanks to high inventory acquisition costs resulting from customers not returning devices when they’re defective or payments are missed.

OEMs are feeling the pain, too, since carriers hold them responsible for remorse returns. Innovation is key to OEM success, but because carriers own the customer relationships, it’s di cult for OEMs to obtain the customer and device usage data they need to develop ever- more compelling products. 

Improve onboarding and customer satisfaction

By proactively educating carrier customers about promotions and device features, OnProcess’ mobile experts minimize the surprises and frustrations that often cause customers to defect. A major telecom provider improved NetRecommender scores by 9 points.

Minimize remorse returns

By leveraging MSM’ advanced analytics and propensity modeling, we can predict which customers are at highest risk of remorse returns, and cost-e ectively focus outbound service e orts on them. A leading mobile carrier reduced remorse returns by 25% and boosted average lifecycle revenue by $600,000 by working with MSM Group

Accelerate advanced exchanges and reduce inventory CapEx
Using MSM best practices and a multichannel communications approach, our dedicated team makes your customers aware of exchange processes and timelines, and speeds return of those valuable assets. A global mobile insurance provider saved $756,000 annually in device replacement costs thanks to MSM educating its subscriber base about the need to unlock devices. A top mobile carrier realized a 50% improvement in day 30 recovery rates and recovered $6.6M annually from additional units. 

Recover more handsets, faster from early-life, non-pay cancellations. We combine data-driven insights with rules-based processes and analytics to determine the optimal time and method for starting an asset recovery, and which customers make the most scal sense to pursue. We focus on customers whose phones are far from obsolescence and use OnProcess-developed best practices to increase returns and accelerate velocity. This way, recovered phones can be reconditioned, refurbished or used for parts while they still have value—and carriers aren’t spending more on early-life, non-pay recovery programs than they gain from the recovery.

Reduce operating expenses

Through MSM’ proactive outreach andsigni cantly lower inbound call volume, our mobile clients can dramatically lower OpEx.

Provide OEMs with greater visibility into device adoption and feature usage OEMs gain actionable insights that can inform product roadmaps, drive innovations and help reduce remorse returns.

MSM Managed Services for Mobile Carriers and OEMs

Revenue Enablement: We proactively reach out to your customers to assist with onboarding and educate customers in order to minimize remorse returns and churn.

Reverse Logistics: We facilitate, track and expedite the return and replacement of valuable assets from the customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory.